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What Is The Chamber?

The Chamber is a private, non-profit, 501(c)6 entity and is not a department or agency of any government.  It is the vehicle through which the business community exerts leadership in dealing with community problems and opportunities.  The organization consists of business and professional people working as a central agency for community development - taking on projects and doing jobs that no individual could do alone.

How Is It Organized?

Business and professional men and women become affiliated as members.  The members elect the board of directors in accordance with the by laws.  The directors determine general polices and oversee the course and operation of the Chamber.  The directors elect the officers and hire the chief administrator, who with his or her staff, are the only paid employees.

How Is The Chamber Financed?

By membership investments and income derived from sponsored events and annual publications.  There is no better investment, dollar for dollar, available to any person in business, industry or the professions than an annual dues investment. Your annual membership investment could cost as little as 55 cents a day, or less than half the cost of a cup of coffee! The free benefits and programs provided for your membership investment far exceed that small amount.

Our History

Organized in the summer of 1915 with 24 charter members, the South Dade Chamber of Commerce is proud to be the second oldest chamber in Miami-Dade County. Then, as now, the chamber worked as part of a team with the cities of Homestead and Florida City to make south Miami-Dade a better place to do business and raise a family.

Membership in the South Dade City Chamber of Commerce is a great business decision. With over 450 members, networking events each month and 10 Committees the Chamber is your partner for business success and exposure to the local market. The South Dade Chamber of Commerce works year-round to support the local economy, promote the community, provide networking opportunities and represent local businesses to government.

Whether you are a long-time resident of our community, someone who is thinking of moving here, or a family looking for an interesting place to visit, We hope you will find this a helpful resource for learning more about our proud communities of Homestead and Florida City. The website contains much valuable information, and you should find it easy to navigate through the various areas.